52 Whitechapel,
L1 6EG

0151 707 1333

Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday 11am – 11:30pm
Friday & Saturday 11am – 1am
Sunday 12pm – 11:30pm
Delivery Hours
Monday-Friday* 5pm – 11:00pm
Saturday 1pm – 11:00pm
Sunday 4pm – 11:00pm
*Commercial deliveries available between 12pm-2pm

Online ordering available.

All food available to sit in, to take away, to call and collect, or to order for delivery.

Limited seating is available.

Delivery is available to the following postcodes: L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L7, L8, L13, L15 & L17

Minimum spend £15 for delivery. Delivery orders must include a pizza.

Times will vary on food made to order (including deliveries)

Pizza Deals

Pizza Deals 
8 Slice Special
Your choice of any 8 slices from our menu made up into a single 18" pizza. Perfect for those who just can't decide!
Pizza Deal 1
10" pizza + any side order + a soft drink
Pizza Deal 2
18" pizza + any 2 side orders + 4 soft drinks (pizza may be mixed flavours or whole)

Sides & Desserts

Sides & Desserts

(V)- Vegetarian
(H)– Hot/Spicy
(GF) – Gluten Free Options/Alternatives available

Chicken Piri Piri
5 pieces of chicken breast served with a sweetcorn relish.
Potato Wedges (V) (GF)
Freshly baked potato wedges in a light coating of sea salt and black pepper with a sweet chilli dip.
Garlic Bread (V)
1.50 / 1.60 (With Cheese)
Mixed Leaf Salad (V) (GF)
A combination of crisp leaves with a dressing of your choice (ranch, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, or mixed herbs and olive oil).
Brushetta (V)
Chopped tomato and red onion, marinated in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and topped with melted mozzarella cheese.
Coleslaw (V) (GF)
Our home made coleslaw, is a super secret, super delicious recipe. (But does contain mustard seeds).
Garlic Mushrooms (V)
Mushrooms filled with breadcrumbs, mozzarella and garlic butter
Selection of Dips (V)
30p (each)
Cake Selection (V)


Soft Drinks 
Coca Cola/Diet Coke
Still Water/Sparkling Water
Jones Sodas
Blue Bubblegum Green Apple Strawberry & Lime
Fresh Orange/Fresh Apple Juice
Brooklyn Lager
Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale
Anchor Steam
Crazy Mountain Amber Ale
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
5.6% *bottle conditioned
Crazy Mountain Creedence Pilsner



(V)- Vegetarian
(H) – Hot/Spicy
(GF) – Gluten Free Options/Alternatives available - Please state that you are ordering gluten free. All gluten free slices are £2.75 and are available for collection only. Gluten free 10” pizzas available for delivery and are the same cost as regular 10” pizzas, please see full menu for costings. Whilst all due care has been taken to avoid cross contamination, please be aware that all our products may contain traces of gluten.





Slice / 10" / 18"

Margherita (V) (GF)
A classic interpretation of a classic recipe. Our thin pizza base smothered with a spicy tomato sauce then loaded with 100% mozzarella cheese, and a sprinkling of herbs.
2.40 / 10.00 / 15.00
Hawaiian (GF)
Slices of our traditional honey roasted gammon combined with chunks of juicy pineapple.
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Caramelised Onion and Salami (GF)
Red onion baked very slowly with a mix of herbs and olive oil and scattered over slices of salami.
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Roasted Vegetable and Goats Cheese (V) (GF)
Courgette with red and green peppers slow roasted in olive oil, topped with chunks of French goats cheese.
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Chorizo (GF)
Spicy slices of chorizo topped with chunks of French goats cheese, and finished with sweet picanté peppers.
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
BBQ Pulled Pork (GF)
Slow roasted BBQ pulled pork with smoked cheese and slow baked caramelised onions.
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Pepperoni (GF)
Slices of spicy pepperoni
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Quattro Formaggi (GF)
Combining the bold flavours of Italian gorgonzola and provolone melted into 100% mozzarella and dressed with fresh parmesan shavings.
2.15 / 10.95 / 15.75
Little Italy
Delicious home made beef meatballs smothered in 100% mozzarella cheese.
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Roquette, Parmesan and Pesto (GF)
A distinctive fusion of flavours, combining the peppery taste of roquette, the strength of parmesan and the Mediterranean taste of pesto.
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Spicy Beef
A specially blended mix of spiced minced, red and green pepper and diced red onion.
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Wild Mushroom (V) (GF)
A selection of wild mushrooms delicately baked in truffle oil to subtly enhance their flavour.
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
American Hot (H) (GF)
Not for the faint hearted. An explosive mix of pepperoni, salami and fiery fresh chillies.
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Proscuitto, Tomato and Basil (GF)
Prime thinly sliced Italian ham, with wedges of cherry tomato and freshly torn basil.
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Vegetarian Hot (V) (H) (GF)
A colourful explosion of vegetables including roasted peppers, courgette, mushrooms and of course, fiery fresh chillies.
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Meat Feast
A popular pizza for meat lovers combining slices of pepperoni, salami, honey roasted gammon and our own spicy beef mix (which includes mixed peppers and red onion).
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Fennel Sausage (GF)
Combining distinct fennel seeds and finest italian sausage, coupled with mascarpone cheese then sprinkled with fire roasted peppers
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
The Spanish (GF)
Slow cooked shredded chicken, complimented with slices of spicy chorizo, smoked cheese and sweet piquanté peppers
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Buffalo Chicken (H) (GF)
Juicy butter fried chicken pieces smothered in creamy buffalo sauce.
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Halloumi (V) (GF)
Grilled Halloumi coupled with roasted mixed tomatoes and sprinkled with fresh rocket
2.50 / 12.00 / 17.00
Additional toppings can be added at extra cost:
25p / 1.50 / 2.25